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Lexus Group Consultancy in Tokyo, Japan Divestitures

· Consulting Firm

Lexus Group take pride in the fact that our capability to undertake divestitures is quite in demand throughout the world. Our committed staff centers its efforts on pursuing the ultimate goal which is to achieve the greatest benefit for the client. To accomplish that, our clients must depend upon us and work closely with us. Ultimately, the clients make the decisions for their future. Lexus Group collates all available information as well as the needed resources to produce the best and highest perspective which will aid the client in coming up with the most well-informed and viable solutions.

Each step we take together with the client is properly assessed and based on facts and figures. Senior advisers take the lead in every level of the divestiture in order to assure that market conditions are propitious. From there, they proceed to the execution of the divestiture strategy which is in accordance to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Lexus Group utilize our global network of associates and our vast spectrum of deals to expand into more prospective business acquirers and thereby improve our potential for attaining the most profitable business ventures in the future. The goal is to acquire the highest blend of price potential, deal agreement, and cultural stability within prescribed time duration.

The broad spectrum of our excellent services includes the following:

  • Assessing and establishing the foundation for business valuation.
  • Categorizing and subdividing the highest potential buyers.
  • Undertake feasibility studies with focus on existing market conditions.
  • Evaluating opportunities of the sale process in a confidential and efficient way, especially in terms of coordinating with buyers, transacting with buyers’ demands, applying due diligence, and closing the structure of the sale.
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